JF does so through contributions to media institutions and journalism schools nationwide, primarily in areas of investigative reporting, youth education, professional development, and special opportunities.

What is JF?

Journalist Foundation (JF) is a not-for-profit organization Registered - with Regn. No. : RJSC/DISTT RWP/45, Pakistan. It was founded in 2011 as a result of a meeting between some dedicated journalists who felt the need of an organization which could work only for the welfare of the journalists working in Pakistan.
There are many other non-registered organizations which claim to work for protecting the rights and freedom of the journalists but in true sense they have done nothing for the welfare of journalists. A common citizen of Pakistan may think that the journalists are playing very crucial role in bringing the awareness to the people but he will never know about the adverse conditions of the organizations in which they (journalists) are working.
Except for some working in the growing media organizations, a vast majority of journalists do not have access to health insurance. Many journalists are getting very low salaries up to only 8 thousand rupees that are not even equal to the salaries of peons working in the government sector. Several media organizations are not paying the salaries to their workers on time and this fact is causing great distress to the journalists.
Despite the unfair behavior from media organizations with their employees, Journalist Foundation does not want to provoke aggression in the journalists against their employers rather it is working hard to create financial resources to support its initiatives aiming at providing services ranging from free education to the children of the deserving journalists to the free healthcare. The JF's initiatives will not only benefit the suffering journalists but they will also create harmony between the media employers and employees.

International Links

Journalist Foundation is affiliated with Canadian Association of the Pakistani Media, an organization of various Pakistani-Canadian media outlets including the oldest Pakistani newspaper Eastern News.